Matías Cano

Web App


I created the complete project, idea, research, design and MVP in basic PHP and JS, to leave the initial idea working. In the future, different roles may be incorporated to dedicate myself to the UX of the project.


"Retornar" is a web application designed to empower users to generate QR codes without the need for registration. These QR codes serve as labels for personal belongings or pets. In the unfortunate event of losing an object or pet, anyone who finds it can scan the QR code to establish contact with the owner.

The Challenge

The primary challenge addressed by the "Retornar" project was the need to simplify the process of reuniting people with their lost objects or pets. The objective was to create a free and secure solution that respects user privacy while enabling the use of QR codes in various formats, such as embroidered collars, stickers, and other protective applications.

My Role

Throughout the "Retornar" project, I undertook a comprehensive role encompassing both UX design and development. From the initial ideation to the implementation, I was deeply involved in crafting a seamless and user-centric experience.

UX Techniques Used

In the pursuit of an effective and user-oriented solution, I utilized various UX techniques, including benchmarking to identify best practices, surveys, creating UML diagrams to visualize the system's structure, and create an MVP.

Survey questions

  1. Have you ever lost a valuable item (keys, wallet, phone, etc.) or a pet?
  2. Have you used any app or method to try to recover a lost item or pet in the past?
  3. Would you be willing to use an application that allows you to identify lost objects and pets using QR codes without having to register or share personal information?
  4. What type of objects or pets would you like to be able to identify with this application? (Select all options that apply)
  5. What information do you consider important to include in the QR code to identify the lost object or pet? (Select all options that apply)
  6. How important is it to you that the application is easy to use and that the identification process is quick and easy?
  7. Do you have any additional suggestions or comments on how to improve this app?
  8. How important is it to you that this application does not require user registration or the display of personal data within the application?

The results

Based on a sample of 124 respondents:

  • 93% of those surveyed have lost an object or pet in the past.
  • 14% have used an app or method to try to recover a lost item or pet.
  • 85% would be willing to use an application that allows you to identify lost objects and pets without recording or viewing personal data.
  • The most common objects they would like to identify are keys (86%) and mobile phones (47%).
  • The most important information to include in the QR code is the owner's contact (75%) and the owner's name (58%).
  • 96% consider that ease of use and speed of the process are very important.
  • 95% consider it very important that the application does not require registration or viewing of personal data.

The Solution

The resulting solution was a web application that allows users to effortlessly generate QR codes in PNG format. To ensure user data protection, sensitive information remains accessible only with user consent. Periodic validation of data and contact information enhances the effectiveness and reliability of the service.

You can access the MVP at

Upcoming Improvements

"Currently in its beta version, 'Retornar' is poised for extensive user testing to gather insights and refine the solution. We view this as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from which we will iterate, making necessary adjustments to create an exceptional user experience and foster inclusivity. The next step will involve user testing, incorporating a developer, to give me the possibility to focus on the UX."


The focus on simplicity and efficacy ensures that "Retornar" will play a significant role in reuniting people with their lost belongings and beloved pets. Continuous analysis and optimization will secure "Retornar" as a valuable and indispensable solution, meeting the needs of users and enhancing their overall satisfaction.

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